A saint young mother of three

“With all my effort, I resisted giving you up, so much so that the doctor already knew everything and did not add anything else” (…) Riccardo, you are a gift for us. You moved for the first time that evening, in the car on the way home from the hospital. You seemed to be saying, “Thank you, Mamma, for loving me!” And how could we not fall in love with you? You are priceless, and when I look at you and see how lovely, vivacious, and pleasant you are, I believe that there is no sorrow in the world that is not worth bearing for a son.

From Maria-Cristina‘s letter to the expected son Riccardo

Born on August 18, 1969, near Milano, Maria-Cristina Cella Mocellin began her path of discernment for her life in the community of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of Don Bosco during her high school years. She discovered a sarcoma in her left leg when she was 18 years old, but the treatments and therapies did not prevent her from graduating from high school and marrying Carlo in 1991.

The couple had two children, but mother’s condition reappeared when she became pregnant with her third. She chose to continue the pregnancy while undergoing non-life-threatening treatment.

Maria-Cristina died at the age of 26 following a life surrounded by God’s love and trust in His mercy.

In fact on August 30, 2021, the decree with which Pope Francis recognizes the heroic virtues of the Servant of God was promulgated and so, she is worthy of imitation and the same, represents a further step in the process of beatification.

Source: vaticannews.va