“I would be the strongest and the fastest; God is my friend”

Source: pfron.org.pl

“I prayed and believed that He helps me in everything. He is with me every second. That is why I set high goals for myself and believed that I could do it, because everything is possible. Faith moves mountains,” – expressed Roza

Roza Kozakowska is Poland’s Paralympic pole vault champion. She also won silver in the F32 weight throw, breaking her own world record in the process. She used to be a long jump specialist, but a rapidly deteriorating condition caused her to switch sports. “It’s not as if I’m a professional athlete and have an easy life.”

I’ve been a frail person since I was little. In the orphanage, I vowed to be the strongest and fastest person there could be.
This was accomplished in a lightning-fast manner by me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve said that God has been my sole friend.
It was acknowledged by the Paralympic athlete that her earlier sports aspirations had been frustrated by the disease’s progression, but she told herself that she would continue to compete as long as she had the strength to battle.

Source: Misyjne.pl